DS-100 EX 320 Electronic Kit DC Circuits and the Use of Meters

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Why should you purchase the DS-100 EX 320?

The DS-100 EX320 is the most complete kit we offer in the DS-100 Series. It contains two books. DC Circuits and the Use of Meters and DC Circuits and the use of Meters Certification book.

DC Circuits and the Use of Meters explains the theory of how to analyze the following circuits: Ohm’s Law, Series Circuits, Parallel Circuits, Series Parallel Circuits, Power, Diodes, Transistors, Timing Circuits,(On Time, Off Time, Frequency, and Duty Cycle).

The DS-100 EX320 contains everything necessary to build, test, and measure performance of the circuits. It contains rechargeable batteries, battery charger, and Digital Multimeter (EX320) for making the measurements.

What is in the DS-100 EX 320?

1. Ohm's Law, Series, Parallel, Series Parallel Circuits

2. Diodes, LED'S, Zener Diodes

3. Transistor

4. Waveforms

What about the components necessary to do the exercises?

The DS-100 contains the resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, switches, I.C.'s, breadboard, Batteries (9V, 2each AA, all rechargeable), the battery charger and the digital multimeter that is needed to make the measurements.

What is so important about having all of these components in the kit?

It is hands on. The student has every thing he or she needs to understand the theory and the application of the material covered in the 4 Phases. The DS-100 Teacher Guide for each Phase shows the location of the theory and the exercises that are to be done.

What are the end results?

1. A student that is well versed in the theory and the application of the foundational electronic building block which is Ohm's Law.

2. A student that understands Meg ohms, K ohms, ohms.

3. A student that understands Amps, milliamps, micro amps

4. A student that understands Kilo volts, volts, mili volts, micro volts.

How does the student feel about himself or herself?

- They are very confident.

- They have completed the 4 Phases with a score of 75% or above.

- They will have no difficulty going from the class room environment used to understand basic electronics to the environment used to understand the electronics involved in the car.

Why should you purchase the DS-100 Kit?

If you are an Electrician or you are studying to become an Electrician:

It is a good investment in yourself because you will be able to go home and practice doing the exercises at your convenience. You will be able to review the material that was covered in the classroom at home. If you are not a student but you are an Electrician and you would like to review and increase your knowledge of Electricity, purchasing the DS-100 Kit will allow you to do that. Workshops are being planned that will help you to reach your goal of being the best Electrician you can be.


  1. You will have the opportunity to go the extra mile by investing in yourself and in doing extra duty by continuing to study away from school.
  2. You will have the opportunity to make sure you understand the important principles by reviewing and repeating the exercises that were done at school in your leisure at home.
  3. You can study as a group away from the classroom (2 heads are better than 1).

Points to Remember:

1. Invest in yourself.

2. Go the extra mile (Study outside the classroom).