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One of the best things that ever happened to Charlie Davis was joining the United States Air Force and attending Electronics School at Lowry Air Force Base in Denver, Colorado. After graduation he taught basic electronics for the remainder of his tour of duty. Charlie Davis enjoyed his tour of duty as a student and teacher because:
  • The challenge to motivate and encourage others to be the best they can be
  • The excitement of learning the subject matter well enough to communicate to the students the theory of electronics and the application of the theory to real world problems.
  • The knowledge gained in proper use of test equipment as a problem solving tool!

After an Honorable Discharge Charlie worked and went to junior college for several years. He ultimately graduated from West Coast University with a degree in Electrical Engineering. After working as a Member of the Technical Staff for several decades for major companies including TRW, Hughes Space and Electronics, and Teledyne Research Charlie founded Data Sonics.


The DS-100 (DC Circuits and the Use of Meters) is currently used by some of the top vocational schools and junior colleges in Southern California.
Charlie Davis has been a valued part of our team at East LA Occupational Ctr. He's always thinking of ways to help us do our job better. I highly recommend the Data Sonics materials and consulting services
East Los Angeles Occupational Center, Neil Hatch Teacher

current focus

  • Work with teachers and students to help them achieve a solid foundation in basic electronics to help them excel in careers as Electronic Technicians, Auto Technicians, Electricians, Air Conditioning Technicians, and Solar Voltaic Technicians,
  • Work with parents and students to help get exposed to electronics and electronic engineering as a career.